SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game


Apr 21, 2023



Gray moves Infantry from G3R to G2CR
Blue moves Infantry from BR to B3C

Gray moves Cavalry from G1C to B2CR
Blue Infantry in B3C ATTACKS Cavalry in B2CR Supported by Infantry in B1C
Flank Attack - Cavalry must RETREAT

score: Gray 6 Blue 6

Use the following form to register your command vote:


STEPS To which square do you wish to retreat?

Please include your;
email address:
Enter the code below and then press the SEND button.

Type the above number:

Hit the RESET button to reset the form:


On turns after a Gray "PASS", 2 forms will be provided. If an ATTACK is selected for the first action following a PASS, no second command needs to be submitted (you can wait to see the results of the attack). A follow up form will be provided for the second action after a PASS if the first action is an ATTACK.

How to Play:

You are the Gray. DVGC is the Blue. All SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game rules are in effect. Identify your move using the map square identification codes given below. For example: MOVE from G2CR to G1C, or ATTACK from G1C to B1C support from G1CR.
Use the form provided to submit your vote.
The first command to get 3 votes will be used for Gray's turn.
All entries must include the date of the gameboard (as indicated at the top of this page).
One entry per person per game date (subsequent submissions will be ignored).
On Double Turns, the 3 "used" votes must be identical for both actions.
All entries must include your name and email address.
Name and email address will not be published without your approval.
Oh yeah!
The winner gets a free copy of the game. Winner determined by the player that submits the most used commands. To be counted, your vote must be one of the first three votes received for that command. The player that submits the most of these "first three votes of the used command" WINS! Oh, and one other condition: Gray must win the game. All decisions of the Deer Valley Game Company, in regards to this contest, are final. In case of ties, winner will be determined by judges rating the tied players moves (later game moves are weighted more heavily).

Void where prohibited by law. Winners responsible for all taxes and fees.

map squares identification codes:
  |                                            |
  |               blue reserve BR              |
  |    B3R       |     B3C      |     B3L      |
  |              |              |              |
  |    | B2R  |  B2CR   |  B2CL   |  B2L  |    |
  |    |      |         |         |       |    |
  |NWF |----------------------------------| NEF|
  |    |    |B1R |B1CR| B1C|B1CL|B1L |    |    |
  |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
  |----| WF |----|----|----|----|----| EF |----|
  |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
  |    |    |G1L |G1CL| G1C|G1CR|G1R |    |    |
  |SWF |----------------------------------| SEF|
  |    |      |         |         |       |    |
  |    | G2L  |  G2CL   |  G2CR   |  G2R  |    |
  |              |              |              |
  |    G3L       |     G3C      |     G3R      |
  |               gray reserve GR              |
  |                                            |

G=Gray, B=Blue, #=line number (1=front line, 3=back), L=left, 
C=center, R=right (or reserve), N=north, E=east, S=south, W=west, F=forest 

mapboard symbols

Check up on the RULES


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Play of the Day - WINNERS

  • Game 1 - KERRY JOHNSON (Austin, Texas)
  • Game 2 - Deer Valley Game Company
  • Game 3 - MICHAEL ESPOSITO (Springfield, Virginia)
  • Game 4 - DRAW!
    Michael Esposito of Amhearst Virginia
    Mark A. Hebert of Miami Florida

Play of the Day - Referral Program


Have one of our Sponsors refer you as a "Play of the Day" referred player and you will get an immediate 5 votes added to your current Play of the Day vote total. This is a one time bonus. You may have only one sponsor, and it only applies to the current game.

Once one of our sponsors agrees to sponsor you, go to our EMAIL page, click on the subject button "Referral - Play of the Day", and submit the name of your sponsor (first and last), and their email address, as well as your name (first and last). That's all there is to it!

Sponsors are a select group of Play of the Day veterans that have achieved special status here at Deer Valley Game Company. Your sponsor must agree to sponsor you, and submit your name and email address as described below. Once both submissions are received and approved, you will be awarded your bonus points. Submission of sponsor names that are not on our approved list, will result in your being disqualified from the Referral Program. Decisions of Deer Valley Game Company are final.

To submit the name of a player you wish to sponsor, simply go to our EMAIL page, click on the subject button "Sponsor - Play of the Day", and submit their name (first and last) and email address. For those individuals that feel they have earned this honored position, please email us directly with your request (use the "other" subject category). Sponsors gain bonus points for each selected POD vote submitted by their referrals. There is no limit as to the number of referrals you may submit.

The Contest
Those individuals that are qualified as sponsors compete in the Play of the Day vote tally on a separate score card. There are now 2 winners for the Play of the Day. Sponsor winners and everyone else (referrals and non-referrals). This is assuming of course that the Gray wins the game.

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