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Deer Valley Game Kits are wargame supplements for some of the most popular games produced. Each game kit comes as a ZIP file which can be unzipped using either PKZIP or WINZIP (widely available everywhere). Inside the zip file you will find game variants, errata, additional charts and player aides of all sorts. Some Game Kits include new maps and/or counters. These are provided as GIF files which can be printed on a color printer with almost any paint or image editing program. The text files are provided in Rich Text Format which can be read by nearly all standard word processing programs and even some basic text editors.

These Game Kits are provided for your personal enjoyment and are FREE. You can't sell them nor reproduce them for profit. Distribution of Game Kits must include the copyright notice. Any comments you have on these Game Kits or even your own Game Kits are welcome.

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Ben's Royal Game of Ur

(html file) Lost to Antiquity, The Royal Game of Ur is the oldest game known to man. Unfortunately the rules are not! Protege Ben has undertaken the task of creating a rules basis for this ancient game that makes it a fun and challenging 21st Century game. That would be the 21st Century AD.

Quebec 1759


Quebec '59 - Part II

2,9612,185 bytes


Part II - 2,878,943 bytes

An exciting new combat system for this Columbia Games Classic. Included in this Game Kit are a colorful battle board, combat command cards, an Excel spreadsheet for writing simultaneous commands, and the new rules for tactical combat. This Game Kit definately adds some spice to this introductory level game.

Part II of this Game Kit offers a brand new simultaneous command methodology using cards instead of written orders. It's much more attractive, less paper intenseive, and fun.

Alexander the Great

3,546,556 bytes Bring this old Avalon Hill classic back to life with a set of new more colorful and functional counters. Missle units are more readily identifiable with these new playing pieces, as are units with a charge bonus. And the new color schemes give a lot better feel of the composition of the opposing armies.


4,796 bytes Avalon Hill's classic game on the American Revolution. This Game Kit provides clarifications, corrections, and notes on the Leader Counters variant published in the General. Also included are additional optional rules for leaders, French Reinforcements, and traitors.


16,901 bytes This Game Kit provides optional rules for Columbia Games' "1812" (the American verses British War of 1812). Included are new rules for Forced Marches, Army Reorganization, Naval Movement, and a completely new battle system (with a battle board map).

Frederick the Great

234,334 bytes Rev A, updated 2019 - revised errata (the circular river really is there; well.... sortof). Additional "corrections" (???) to the CRT, a new Battle Value calculation option (you'll like it), AND a complete percentage loss table. Now 40% of 5 really is "2", and 5% of 1 really does round down to "0". Should make for some more challenging battles.

SPI (and then Avalon Hill) produced one of the greatest wargames of all times with this one. This Game Kit provides a scoresheet for victory points, some errata, and a new Honors of War system that is more suited for solitaire play.

Fighting Sail

5,686 bytes This Game Kit offers a bunch of neat stuff for this SPI game on naval combat during the Napoleonic era. Optional rules cover additional fire modifiers, melee combat, wind changes and crew abandonment. But that's not all; you also get a new scoresheet for keeping track of hits, and numerous player aide charts covering all the rules that were never put into chart form.


4,852 bytes This Game Kit provides a list of rules clarifications to Clash of Arms' monster tactical warfame covering Frederick The Great's first loss; "Kolin".


9,598 bytes SPI's Strategy & Tactics Monmouth, American Revolutionary War tactical level game. This Game Kit includes errata, new easier to read Fire Charts, and extra counters to handle artillery gun crews.

Monmouth - by Russ Gifford

54,738 bytes Russ Gifford, well known wargaming aficionado, Avaloncon Hall of Fame GM, author of many articles in The General, The Boardgamer, and other wargame publications, has offered us his Game Kits on SPI's American Revolution game Monmouth. Included are an Excel spreadsheet for Victory Point tracking, and a Rapid Access Chart in PDF format. Thanks Russ.


5,910 bytes Columbia Games' classic block game on Napoleon's Waterloo Campaign. This Game Kit provides some rules clarifications to version 3.0 of the rules (version 3.1 are available from Columbia), as well as some changes to v3.0. Also included are new optional rules covering square formations, unit organization, French Imperial Guard units, Netherlands units, rout retreats and dummy units.

Napoleon at War

19,718 bytes) This Game Kit covers SPI's original Napoleon at War series of games; "Napoleon at Waterloo", "Borodino", and "Austerlitz". Included are optional rules for cavalry charges, combined arms combats, command and control, French Imperial Guard and extra counters for better handling of infantry combat losses (extra counters are included). Also included is errata for "Borodino".

Thirty Years War

8,439 bytes SPI's "Thirty Years War Quad" is an interesting portrayal of combat in the 17th century. This Game Kit includes player aide charts, errata, and optional rules which cover new line of sight rules, ranged leadership values, disruption recovery, and morale demoralization.


15,013 bytes A new version of Avalon Hill's all time classic "Waterloo". This Game Kit is a total new re-write with the emphasis on not changing a thing. What that means is the feel of the original version is preserved while being brought up to more contemporary wargame standards. New rules cover night time game turns, variable reinforcement arrival, road bonus, new stacking rules, overrun attacks, leaders - command, communication and control, special rules for cavalry and artillery, and a new optional set-up rule.

War & Peace

21,555 bytes War & Peace was a novel that had to be written. "War & Peace" was a game that had to be made. Avalon Hill did the latter - unfortunately not very well. This Game Kit corrects that situation. MASSIVE corrections, errata, clarifications and even some new optional rules for the combat matrix system are included.


4,765 bytes Santa Anna verses the Italian Frogmen or Winfield Scott verses La Mosquito

This theme game produced by SPI in Strategy & Tactics magazine years ago is a little known gem. The game system is very unique (hence the "Italian Frogmen" reference), but does an outstanding job of portraying this interesting and little known campaign from American history. Our Game Kit here presents some advice on strategies to be used by both sides, as well as a suggestion to correct (in our humble opinion) a few of the little gliches in the game system.

Crusader Rex

2,400,360 bytes Columbia Games masterpiece on the Anglican's Crusades in the Holy Lands. Very little could be done to improve this one, BUT.... we did add some goodies; 2 Battle Boards, one for conventional battles and one for Castle battles. Plus some extra markers that can be used to show which side used which road, half-hit markers and castle board markers for indicating which units are inside castles and which are outside.


2,273,949 bytes Strategy & Tactics, the later years, produced this interesting representation of the Taiping Rebellion in China in the mid-nineteenth century (while most of us were paying attention to the American Civil War). A unique game and one worth your playing, at least once or twice, if you can find it. If you do, you will need some extra counters and a scorecard will come in handy. Here they are.


2,224,138 bytes The Original SPI version from the early 70s. This one is from the classic Napoleon at War series (even before it really became a series). Not much could be improved on this one, but we did make some fancy new counters for it.

Napoleon's Triumph

7,470,263 bytes Simmons Game's Masterpiece! What an excellent game system, and a beautiful game at that. How could we dare mess with it? The no-luck combat system is brilliant. But we decided to add an element of variability to the combat system, without introducing a luck factor. Corps Commander battle cards does the trick. And, as a bonus, adds a bit more historical flavour to the game.

Athens & Sparta

25,550,629 bytes Talk about your Greek Tragedies! Five and one third pages of rules, 200 pages of FAQs. Columbia Games created a good game, but the rules are atrocious. So, we re-wrote them, and changed them. Not just clarifications, a total re-write here. Plus siege markers, and a battle board, and an auxiliary map to clear up the ambiguities there. A must have Game Kit.

American Civil War

The War Between the States

The War of Southern Independence

The American Civil War


by Eagle Games

This Game Kit is huge! Heck this game is HUGE! Our Game Kit is so huge it has to have its own page. We've included everything you wish the game had come with; a battle board, "play" money for keeping track of production, terrain markers, enlarged city disks, and more. This game (and our Game Kit) is a MUST for any Civil War gamer.

A House Divided

315,034 bytes Game Designer's Workshop's beer and pretzels civil war game is made even more flavorful with this set of optional rules. Subjects covered include leaders, with counters provided, forced march, new replacement rules, and even garrison counters.

Blue & Gray

3,759 bytes This Game Kit covers SPI's "Blue & Gray" Quad (the first quad). Player Aide charts for Sequence of Play, Reinforcements, Exiting Units, Lines of COmmunication. Plus optional rules for special cavalry and artillery capabilities and limitations.

More Blue & Gray

13,607 bytes More for SPI's "Blue & Gray Quad". This Game Kit includes new optional rules for Command and Control and Variable Reinforcements, including complete Order of Battle charts (used with the new C&C rule), for all five games (including Road to Richmond). Also included is some errata to help clarify a few of the ambiguous rules.

Clash of Arms

25,794 bytes Clash of Arm's "Civil War Campaign Series" games are an excellent representation of operational level actions during 4 of the most important civil war campaigns. This game kit provides some rules errata, plus a new combat system that provides players with the opportunity to see the operational effects of that battle board tactical decisions. New counters are provided as part of this new combat enhancement. Also included are optional rules for skulkers and coordinated attacks.

Great Battle of the American Civil War

3,058 bytes This Game Kits provides unofficial errata to the SPI series "Great Battles of the American Civil War" which includes "Cedar Mountain", "Wilson's Creek", "Pea Ridge", "Stonewall", "Drive on Washington", "Corinth" and may be applied to "Bloody April" and "Terrible Swift Sword".

Great Battle of the American Civil War - by Russ Gifford

274,304 bytes Russ Gifford, well known wargaming aficionado, Avaloncon Hall of Fame GM, author of many articles in The General, The Boardgamer, and other wargame publications, has offered us his Game Kits on the Great Battles of the American Civil War. These files include spreadsheets for Cedar Mountain and Pea Ridge that cover Line of Sight rules, and Victory Point/Roster sheets, as well as a PDF Rapid Access Chart (player aide). Thanks Russ.

Gettysburg '88

40,224 bytes Avalon Hill's "Gettysburg '88" is a highly playable and enjoyable version of everyone's favorite Civil War battle and wargame. This Game Kit provides optional rules to make the game more complex (and hopefully more realistic), including new combat rules, leader casualties, brestworks, supply and variable reinforcements. Also included are some experimental rules on facing. Extra counters are provided for the new leadership rules (for all the unit leaders in the game), and brestworks. And, as an added bonus, a complete breakdown of the mapboard terrain (has anyone ever figured out which woods hexes are connecting? - we have).

The Peninsula Campaign

7,654 bytes The Peninsula Campaign is a Game Kit covering Clash of Arm's "Lee Takes Command" game. This Game Kit is a complete scenario covering the whole campaign (not just the Seven Days).

Bobby Lee & Sam Grant

146,053 bytes This Game Kit covers Columbia Games Civil War block games Bobby Lee and Sam Grant providing errata and optional rules. The errata primarily clarifies many of the ambiguities in the rules, and attempts to make the two games consistent in their application of common rules. The optional rules add a little spice to the basic game system and includes rules for leader's abilities in combat, a more realistic replacement system, forced marches and more. Also included are new counters that are badly needed in the game system for marking combat situations, both on the main mapboard and on the battle board.

The Great War


279,540 bytes One of the Greatest wargames ever produced. Unfortunately the rules are probably the worst rules ever written. This Game Kit puts it all back together with extensive errata, and some new optional rules (which are really just further cleanups of the existing game system - we didn't want to mess too much with this classic). Extra counters are included.


2,438,239 bytes We changed our mind; we did want to mess with this classic. Presented here is a complete re-write of the 1914 rules, hopefully for the better. New rules for stacking, BEF arrival, fortifications, and the combat results table has been revised. The essential flavor of the original has been maintained. New counters included for forticiation artillery as well as extra reduction counters.

Guns of August

30,716 bytes Another strategic level World War I game from Avalon Hill. GOA covers a lot more of the war than "1914"; unfortunately it is not covered quite as well. The biggest problem is the scattered approach to the rules - too many options, variants, experimental rules, naval options, etc, that don't really work well together. This is a mammoth Game Kit that attempts to correct the game, because deep under all the bad rules lies a pretty decent game. Extensive errata is provided as a rule book addendum.

The Marne

2,061 bytes SPI's "The Marne" proves you don't need armor blitzes, cavalry charges, and artillery barages to make a good game. Despite its appearance this is a very exciting game. There are just a few problems with regards to Allied morale and the Counter-Attack scenario. This Game Kit provides corrections to those areas.


4,272 bytes SPI's tactical level WWI game; "Soldiers". PanzerBlitz before the panzers (and before the blitz). Sounds boring - well it's not. A very nice game that only needs a little tweaking (in the form of some rules modifications) to make the combat system a little more realistic and complex.

To The Green Fields Beyond

4,452 bytes Quite possibly the best, and certainly one of the most comprehensive wargames of all times; SPI's "To The Green Fields Beyond". This game has it all; tanks, cavalry, artillery barages, aircraft, supply, ammo depletion, everything. And what's really impressive is that it all works well together in a highly playable yet ultra realistic game. So why a Game Kit? The only problem with the game is the lack of tables for many of the rules. That's what this Game Kit provides; player aide charts.


3,496,422 bytes This classic WWI Naval Combat game from Avalon Hill faithfully re-creates all aspects of this famous naval engagement; everything from the strategic level searching to the nitty-gritty details of the ship to ship combat. The ship-to-ship stuff is fun and exciting. The strategic game, true to history, is one of endless tedium. This Game Kit offers an alternative to the strategic game to get you into the fun stuff quicker, hopefully without compromising too much of the original flavour.

Great War in the East

67,474 bytes SPI's classic World War 1 quadragame (plus 1) enhanced with a few rules modifications and clarifications (in our humble opinion). A new CRT de-emphasizes excessive leader bonus shifts and is not so attacker unfriendly; hopefully without disrupting the unique flavor of this system.

World War II

The Russian Campaign

1,068,874 bytes John Edward's Avalon Hill version of The Russian Campaign was a breakthrough game design, and a significant upgrade from the popular Stalingrad. That was in the '70s. The 21st Century has seen L2 totally revise this classic, but our Game Kit for TRC is a step in between. Maintaining the classic style of the original, while suggesting some minor improvements to bring it to more contemporary standards. Revised rail rules simplify the rather convoluted system from the original game. Also, we've revamped the weather/terrain/movement system to be a little more straight forward.


42,270 bytes Avalon Hill's "Bismarck" combines detailed naval tactics (very detailed) and operational level action. This game is almost too detailed on both levels to be very playable. This Game Kit provides a much more simplified Operational game system, allowing players to maintain a view of the big picture, while really getting in to the tactical details of ship to ship combat. A new mapboard is provided, cards, weather counters; in all, nearly a complete new game in itself.


84,034 bytes This Game Kit covers Avalon Hill's original "D-Day" (pre-Smithsonian edition). New optional rules cover special capabilities of armored units, naval bombardment, automatic victory (for attacks), new supply rules, air power rules, and more.


5,068 bytes SPI's original version of Kursk. Provided in this Game Kit is a set of Errata and Optional rules for making a real old classic a little more playable and realistic. Also included is a Sequence of Play chart that shows all the different air operations and how they are integrated into a regular game turn (clarifying one of the more confusing aspects of the rules).


195,343 bytes Another monster Game Kit; this one on Avalon Hill's "Luftwaffe". This Game Kit almost completely re-writes the game, turning it into a real economic warfare game. Many new counters are provided, along with all new rules and charts for tracking German production of fuel, munitions, and aircraft.


93,269 bytes This Game Kit is a MAJOR re-write to Avalon Hill's classic "Midway" (pre-Smithsonian version). A complete new rule book is provided that offers a much more detailed simulation of this great air-sea battle. The new game system is an open system, not confined to the battleship-type hidden board/movement version of the original "Midway". New counters are provided for use with the new search system. This new version of Midway is totally adaptable to all the scenarios of the "Coral Sea" variant as well. This Game Kit is not for the timid.

More Midway

123,557 bytes This Game Kit is really an expansion kit for Midway's "Coral Sea" variant (and a few other "Midway" variants that appeared in the General and the "Player's Guide to Midway"). Included are extra ship counters, player aide charts and scenario scoresheet.

And Even More Midway

45,760 bytes This one is for the purist Midway fans. A simple Game Kit with just a few rules clarifications and modifications as well as a new (and improved) Operations Log.

Russian Front

2,258 bytes Avalon Hill's "Russian Front" is truly one of the cleanest and best wargames they produced (it was of course created elsewhere). This is a mini-Game Kit, because there's no real room for improvement. We did find some rules that needed a little clarification, particularly with the supply rules.

Pseudo-Simultaneous Sequence of Play

6,592,650 bytes OK, so this Game Kit is not exactly new, just revised thanks to the efforts of Mr. Michael Power of Virginia Beach Va. What is new is the format; more reader friendly. Also some editorial changes and fixes.

This Game Kit provides a new game system for tactical level combat games such as "PanzerBlitz" or "PanzerLeader". Presented is a Pseudo-Simultaneous Sequence of Play system that offers the realism of simultaneous movement/combat/fire with the playability of a conventional sequencial game sequence. This system is applicable to any game system using the PanzerBlitz model and those SPI systems using the "Mech War/October War"-type Simultaneous system.


13,803 bytes Avalon Hill's CLASSIC - Stalingrad. No game has been seen more "unofficial" revisions than this classic; yet the original remains the standard. So here is our unofficial revision. Not intended as a complete makeover; if that's what you want, try The Russian Campaign or Russian Front. This Game Kit makes minor adjustments to the basic game system to bring it more up-to-date while retaining the original flavour that made this one a classic. (Okay - maybe we did get carried away with the re-write of Russian Replacements).


36,207 bytes Ever wish you had some of those fancy "Squad Leader" mapboards for use in playing Avalon Hill's "Tobruk"? Now you can. This Game Kit provides the rules necessary to do just that. Also included are extra counters for some of the optional and experimental rules (such as dust trails and fields of fire). And, extra roster sheets for your tanks as well as your infantry units.

Turning Point: Stalingrad

10,226 bytes Avalon Hill's "Turning Point: Stalingrad" is an extremely fun game to play, which nearly always means it must not be very hostorically accurate. Not so with this one. But that didn't stop us from making some improvements anyway. This Game Kit provides some player aide summary charts, plus a bunch of optional rules covering terrain effects on movement (how could they have left that out), German Artillery, Russian Kill Zones, Close Assault, Infiltartion changes, reinfrocement and replacement changes, and more.

Victory in the Pacific

547,122 bytes This Game Kit features new rules covering Aircraft unit losses, including tracks for recording losses, Shore Bombardment, Ground Combat and modifications to existing rules. Counters provided too.


3,970,506 bytes Avalon Hill's classic from 1966 comes to life again! We've revised the counters to be more functional while retaining the old flavour of the orginal Guadalcanal game. Also included is a Game Turn Record sheet to help reduce the book keeping as well as new dummy counters for an alternative limited intelligence system. Strength markers are also included to also reduce bookkeeping. Note that this Game Kit is for the original Guadalcanal game from 1966, not the revised Smithsonian edition.


2,830,594 bytes Not to be confused with Thunder at Cassino from Avalong Hill, This is the Strategy & Tactics version. Quite a little gem that never got the attention it deserved. A few rules gliches, and a bit of an odd supply system. These have been cleaned up and made more playable with this Game Kit. Included are extra new supply counters and a mapboard correction piece.

Battle of Britain (Gamescience) Pt 2

10,154,397 bytes Variant that provides for tracking pilot fatique and experience, ammo and airbase capacity, air raids, aircraft performance factors. Not for the faint of heart.

Battle of Britain (TSR)

7,432 bytes Affectionately known around these parts as BOB Junior. A variant that provides new rules to take some of the randomness out, and hopefully present it more as a simulation. Still a very fun game and easy to learn.

Victory in the West

770,791 bytes SPI's Victory in the West series is an excellent game system. We could find no room for improvement for this one. We did want some extra game markers for two of the games in this series; Sicily: The Race to Messina and Patton's Third Army. So, here they are; air support markers, off board artillery markers, airfield marker, etc etc etc. Enjoy.

Streets of Stalingrad

4,806,566 bytes The original classic monster game from Phoenix Games (long long ago). Errata to clean-up some of the ambiguities in the original rules. Optional rule to de-emphasize the potency of artillery in the game. Some additional constuction markers, dismounted markers, isolation markers and more. We've also provided a fixed Terrain Effects Chart that accounts for the new errata.

Winter War

140,915 bytes A SPI Classic from 1972. A good little game that is very clean and fun to play. Only one small rules hole allowing the Soviets to circumvent the spirit of the supply rules to pick and choose which and when units are in supply. This Game Kit patches that hole and provides some additional clarifications.


this one's so big it gets its very own heading

Up Front - Players Handbook

28,395 bytes This first Up Front Game Kit is packed full of player aides like you've never seen before. Charts summarizing all the playing cards, complete rosters for all the nationalities (American, British, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Japanese), all the vehicles - everything you need to have to play a winning hand.

Up Front - Replacement Cards

117,758 bytes Up Front Replacement Cards. Ever get tired of trying to imagine buildings as jungle terrain, or worse yet as various desert terrain. No more. This Game Kit provides the long yearned for desert and jungle terrain cards that Avalon Hill forgot to include in their expansion kits. Also included are new terrain cards for 2 story buildings, bridges, wheat fields and more. New rules cover the new terrain.

Historical Campaign Game Set #1

14,283 bytes Up Front Historical Campaign Game Set #1 - #1 Stalingrad: Oct-Nov 1942 (German vs Russian), #2 Bastogne: December 1944 (German vs American), #3 Smolensk: Jun-Jul 1941 (German vs Russian), #4 Omaha Beach, Normandy: June 1944 (German vs American), #5 Kursk: Jul-Aug 1943 (German vs Russian), #6 Nijmegan, Holland: September 1944 (American vs German)

This Game Kit includes the rules for the Historical Campaign Games, so you'll need to get this one to play any of them.

Historical Campaign Game Set #2

5,301 bytes Up Front Historical Campaign Game Set #2 - #7 Bobruisk, Byelorussia: Jun-Jul 1944 (German vs Russian), #8 Monte Cassino: Feb-Mar 1944 (American vs German), #9 Guadalcanal: October 1942 (Japanese vs American), #10 Saipan: June 1943 (Japanese vs American), #11 Leyte Island, Phillipines: Oct-Nov 1944 (Japanese vs American), #12 Okinawa: Apr-May 1945 (American vs Japanese).

You'll need Historical Campaign Game Kit #1 for the rules.

Historical Campaign Game Set #3

5,353 bytes Up Front Historical Campaign Game Set #3 - #13 Tobruk: June 1942 (British vs German), #14 Arnhem, Holland: September 1944 (German vs British), #15 Caen, France: July 1944 (British vs German), #16 Singapore: Dec 1941 - Jan 42 (Japanese vs British), #17 Kohima, India: January 1945 (British vs Japanese), #18 Port Arthur, Manchuria: August 1945 (Russian vs Japanese).

You'll need Historical Campaign Game Kit #1 for the rules.

Historical Campaign Game Set #4

5,378 bytes Up Front Historical Campaign Game Set #4 - #19 Sedan, France: May 1940 (German vs French), #20 Saigon, Indochina: July 1941 (Japanese vs French), #21 Palermo: July-August 1943 (American vs Italian), #22 Serafimovich, Russia: Nov-Dec 1942 (Russian vs Italian), #23 Bar Hachiem, Libya: June 1942 (French vs Italian), #24 Mt. Belvedere, Italy: January 1944 (French vs German).

You'll need Historical Campaign Game Kit #1 for the rules.

Historical Campaign Game Set #5

5,002 bytes Up Front Historical Campaign Game Set #5 - #25 Sidi Barrani, Egypt: December 1940 (British vs Italian), #26 Casablanca, Morocco: November 1942, (hypothetical American vs French), #27 Maleme, Crete: May 1941 (British vs German), #28 Odessa, Ukraine Russia: July 1943 (semi-hypothetical Russian vs Italian).

You'll need Historical Campaign Game Kit #1 for the rules.

Post - WWII

Oil War

26,049 bytes SPI's folio S&T game Oil War covered the Oil Crisis in the 1970s. This Game Kit brings the game up-to-date covering Desert Storm, with extensive new rules covering the political aspects of the entire alliance against Iraq. Additional rules cover SAM sites, SCUDs, sea supply, and stealth air units. Two scenarios are provided. Extra counters are also included.

Sixth Fleet

8,350 bytes This Game Kit covers SPIs S&T version of Sixth Fleet (the original). Optional rules cover critical hits against ships, aircraft damage, base repair, international politics, short range air operations, weather, and commando raids. Also included is a Naval Unit Damage Record log sheet.

Universal Line of Sight Rule

2,314 bytes This Game Kit was originally included in our Thirty-Years War Quad Game Kit and includes a new Line of Sight rule and chart for almost any tactical level game.


Yes, Baseball!
That Great American Pasttime.

Baseball Strategy

6,337,563 bytes For Avalon Hill's classic Baseball Strategy Game.
New Pitching Rules, New Defense Rules, and....
Pull this old classic off the shelf, dust it off and breath new life into the game, just in time for spring training.


9,421,891 bytes Also for Avalon Hill's classic Baseball Strategy Game.
The 100 Greatest players of all time take to the field again. New rules cover their special abilities, both for a season long campaign, and on the field. You must try this one out!

APBA Baseball

7,832,139 bytes It's all here! DVGC's house rules for APBA Master Baseball game (or should we say "Masterful" Baseball game). A new integrated gameboard, offense cards for selecting your plays, a functional scoresheet, pitcher series fatigue rules (and log sheet), rules summary cards, pitch-outs, "outfield in" defensive allignment, heck we even threw in a bunt chart.

Rev B Update - added correction for Pitch Out for steal attempts of 3B.

2013 Update: we've created a chance calculator to make those pesky math problems a little easier. Also revised the rules for cut-off throws (more realistic; the cut-off man's arm strength now matters).

2016 Update: combined Pitcher Series Rules with House Rules into a single file. New rule added for pitching around a batter, and additional clarifications on base stealing.

2019 Update: Expanded the base stealing rules for better realism when not holding a runner on first base. Created a simplified system for Dropped/Wild Throws. New rules clarifications regarding pitchers.

2021 Update: Clarifications on stolen base rules (HO is not allowed when 2b is occupied). Added new provision for defense to not cover 2B on a steal attempt (in favor of reducing the impact of a H/R; 2B/SS are not out of pocition covering the base). Modified the 5 earned runs in 3 innings rule to be more realistic.

Park Factors

364,234 bytes DVGC's version of Park Factors for APBA baseball (Master Game). All the other versions we've seen (including APBA's), just don't quite cut it. Our version accounts for actual ball park dimensions of all historical MLB ball parks from 1920 through 2012 (included). Some of our ball parks go back into the late 1800s. These are the REAL Park Factors.


Yes, Hockey!
That Great Canadian Pasttime.
This section is dedicated to APBA's Professional Hockey Game.

APBA Hockey

4,640,932 bytes House Rules covering shift changes and line-ups, new faceoff rules, more strategy options, fatigue and rest rules, shot options, quick shots and more. PLUS... a new rink (slightly bigger), a penalty box, a scoreboard, line-up sheets, strategy cards, and more.... A must have for any APBA Hockey fan.

2017 Updates: improved line-up sheets for more meaningful penalty kill parameters, new rule for clearing the puck after a DZFO win to reduce the dump & chase frequency directly after the defensive teams wins a FO, clarifications on forechecking strategy changes and some basic rules clean-up.

2019 Updates: Changes to Long Shot results - missed shots may result in icing, offsides or a Change on the Fly situation (not all long shots are actually On Goal). Additional clarifications and rules clean-up.

2020 Updates: Updated charts to reflect Long Shot "off-goal" results. Added new optional rule for #8 result on Forechecking and Special Team charts. (Makes no sense to have 1 Forechecker and require a Forecheck Total = 12 for a SOG); now it is treated as a regular SOG if it is from a Forechecking Forward. Cleaned up conflicts about COTF to vacant position.

2022 Updates: Added revised boards - removed randomness of certain Interception results, adjusted faceoff rules for center ice faceoffs, modified first result after defensive rebound to use DZFO board instead of Forechecking boards, new rule for time sequence after multiple blocked shots resulting in DZFOs, general rules clean-up.

Train Games

This is new.... Yes, train games....

Solitaire 1830

364,278 bytes Ever feel like an evening of railroading (or railwaying) and robber baroning, but can't round up 4 or 5 friends for a 10 hour marathon. This variant is for you. Ownership of Avalon Hill's classic 1830 is required. These rules were created using the Mayfair edition, but will work fine with the original. Now you get to build all of the railroads yourself and compete against the mysterious greedy short sighted stock holders.

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