SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game


by Eagle Games

Eagle Game's beautiful game on the American Civil War is a marvel; one of the biggest Civil War games available. This one is a "must have" for any Civil War gamer. As big and beautiful as it is, we feel it wouldn't hurt to have a few extras. Therefore we humbly present our additions. These are not variants, but rather a collection of player aides to enhance the existing system.

All files in this game kit are graphic images ready for printing on your color printer. Just click on the picture below to get the full image and then save that graphic to your hard disk.

Battle Board


Used for fighting the tactical battles. Strangely enough, the game doesn't actually come with one. What a shame, their combat system is simple yet effective. The battle board layout for TACW is unique, so get it here!


OK OK OK! Even ours isn't really big enough. Download the zip file here to get the battle board as 2 separate jpg files. Each side ready for printing on an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper you can then join together for an even BIGGER battle board.


There is this wonderful little section in the Advanced rules covering terrain features for the battle board. But where are the terrain markers? They are here.

Production Currency


Eagle provided these wonderful and huge tracks for keeping track of naval power, diplomatic climate, and rail capacity. Not to mention the game turn track. But where is the production track? Forget it! Get your production currency here. No tracks - use our TACW paper money instead.



The American Civil War board is large. Very Large. VERY VERY LARGE! But actually, its not big enough. There's simply not enough space on the board to place your army pieces - especially in the cities. Therefore, we've created these city disks. These are placed near their indicated city and troops are place on the disk to represent their location as being within the city.

The southern cities are on this sheet.


Get your northern city disks here.


Get your neutral and foreign city disks here. Yes, Washington DC is neutral - not foreign!

Army Cards


Did we mention how big the game board was? Did we mention that it really wasn't big enough? When you get an army of any size, it just can't fit into some of the tiny spaces. Eagle Games was wise enough to provide flag bearers for this very problem, but not a very efficient method for separating your different armies. Use these army cards along the edge of the board (which is huge by the way) and keep your army with its corresponding flag. This download is the Confederate Army Cards


Here are the Union Army Cards.


Here are the flag symbols to use with the flag bearers provided in the game. Print out these little symbols on label paper, cut and stick them on the flag bearers to differentiate your armies.

Rules Variant


Here are some optional rules we came up with to make the game just a little more realistic. These rules cover supply, forced marches, and river movement. In addition, we've added some variations to the existing combat rules and the political initiative rules. Try'em. We think you'll like'em.

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