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The World Wide Rating System is a method of tracking individual's skill and experience in playing SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game. Players keep track of their games by use of a log, where they record pertinent game information and results as well as their up-to-date World Wide Rating. The World Wide Rating (abbreviated WWR) is a numerical value that is easily calculated and can be used to compare player abilities.

One of the key elements of the WWR System is the player's log. In it, players track all of their games and their current WWR which can be readily verified from the information contained in the log. Once a log book is filled it can be sent to the Deer Valley Game Company (or any sanctioned SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game Club) for authentication and incorporation into the master list of SQUARES players. This list will be published periodically as changes in standings warrant. A player's log needs to contain the following information for each game played, and should have space to record at least 20 games. WWR scores can be carried over from one log to another, once the earlier log is filled:

  • Date of Game
  • Opponent's Name
  • Result of Game (from the recording player's perspective) - e.g. Won Strategic Victory, Lost Due to Attrition, draw
  • Final Attrition Score of Game - list your own score first, e.g. 10-9, 8-11
  • Bonus Points Scored (your own)
  • Bonus Points scored by opponent
  • Player's Game Points for recorded game
  • Player's Running Total of Number of Opponents Defeated - add 1 if recorded game is a WIN against a new opponent.
  • Player's Running Total of Game Points
  • Player's Current WWR (recorded game included)
  • Signature of Opponent

An example log is included below. Players may make their own log, or they may order one from Deer Valley Game Company for $1.00. Send Requests to WWR Log, Deer Valley Game Company, P.O. Box 31661, Mesa, AZ 85275-1661. Please include your return address and check or money order (payable to Deer Valley Game Company).

The World Wide Rating System is based on the honor system. Players are expected to honestly record their game information and conduct their games in the spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play that reflect positively upon themselves and all members of the gaming community. Individuals with a dishonest or untrustworthy nature are not invited to participate.

Calculating Your World Wide Rating

Your WWR is a number based on the following formula:

(Number of Opponents defeated) times (total number of Game Points)

where "Number of Opponents Defeated" is a running total of the DIFFERENT opponents you have won a game against. If you beat the same person more than once, you may collect game points (see below), but that person only counts once for "Opponent's Defeated".

"Game Points" are awarded for each game played based on the level of victory obtained and number and type of enemy units eliminated. See the schedule below for details.


Suzy has played 20 games against 8 different opponents. She has beaten John, Nancy, Diane, Bill, Darren, and Emmitt. She has never beaten Mary nor Bob. Therefore the number of "Opponents Defeated" is 6. In those 20 games she has amassed 120 Game Points, so her World Wide Rating is 720 (6 times 120).

Bob has played 15 games and beaten 7 different opponents, amassing a total of 115 Game Points. His current WWR is 805 (7 times 115).

Game Points

Game points are based on the level of victory you achieve plus Bonus Points for your opponent's units that have been eliminated in the game. There are three levels of victory:

Strategic Victory
A Strategic Victory is one in which you win by occupying your opponent's reserve area. A player who wins a Strategic Victory is awarded 7 Game Points.

Major Victory
A Major Victory is one in which you win by forcing your opponent into a situation where he cannot make a legal move. Such a victory is worth 5 Game Points to the winner.

Attrition Victory
An Attrition Victory is one in which you eliminate 10 points worth of your opponent's units first. A player that achieves an Attrition Victory is awarded 3 Game Points. This victory is the most common.

If a game ends in a draw, both players receive 1 Game Point. Players may count a draw as 1/2 of an Opponent Defeated, for the "Number of Opponent's Defeated" factor, assuming that opponent has not been previously counted as being defeated. If a player subsequently defeats a person that he had counted as a half an opponent defeated, then the 1/2 changes to a full 1 (one). You cannot count a person as two halves if you happen to play to a draw twice against them.

Bonus Points

Bonus Points are awarded to both the winner and the loser of a game based on the following schedule:

  • 1 Bonus Point for each enemy Artillery unit eliminated
  • 1 Bonus Point for every 2 enemy Cavalry units eliminated
  • 1 Bonus Point for every 3 enemy Infantry units eliminated

Suzy has defeated Ed with an Attrition Victory by eliminating 5 of his Infantry units, 2 Cavalry Units, and 2 Artillery units (11 points worth of enemy units). Ed has eliminated 1 Cavalry unit, 6 Infantry units and 1 Artillery units of Suzy's (9 points worth of enemy units). Their respective Game Points for this game are:
	Attrition Victory                         3 Game Points
	   5 enemy Infantry Units eliminated      1 Game Point
	   2 enemy Cavalry Units eliminated       1 Game Point
	   2 enemy Artillery Units eliminated     2 Game Points
	                                  Total = 7 Game Points
	   6 enemy Infantry Units eliminated      2 Game Points
	   1 enemy Cavalry Units eliminated       0 Game Points
	   1 enemy Artillery Units eliminated     1 Game Point
	                                  Total = 3 Game Points


Resignations are not in keeping with the spirit of conflict, and should NOT be considered a standard method of victory. After all, a Civil War field commander that resigns, has essentially surrendered his army. Such things did occur, but usually at the expense of that commander's military career. However, in keeping with the practicality of the game, resignations are permitted.

If a player resigns he concedes an Attrition Victory to his opponent, if and only if his opponent (the winner) has eliminated 5 points or more worth of enemy units (i.e. the resigning player's units). If the winner has not eliminated at least 5 points worth of enemy units, then no Game Points are awarded to either player for the game; however the victor may count his opponent as a "Defeated Opponent".

Bonus points for a resigned game are calculated normally, however the resigning player forfeits half of his bonus points to the game winner (rounded up).
For example; player A resigns the game to player B. Player A has 3 Bonus Points calculated but 2 of them are awarded to player B. Assume player B had 3 Bonus Points at the instant the game was resigned. The Game Points for this game would be Player A gets 1 Game Point (3 minus the 2 he forfeited), Player B gets 8 Game Points (3 for the victory plus his original 3 Bonus Points plus 2 Bonus Points from Player A).

A resignation should not prevent a player from achieving an obviously higher level of victory. Therefore the winning player (the one that has not resigned), may deny the resignation in hopes of obtaining a higher level victory. If the winner does deny the resignation, then the game proceeds for another 5 turns for each player. The resigning player may not PASS on his fifth turn. If at any time during the extended 5 turns (including the 5th turn for both players) the winner achieves a higher level of victory, the game is over and counted as a regular "win" in all regards except that the loser forfeits ALL of his Bonus Points. In this case the winner does not receive any of the forfeited Bonus Points.

If at the end of the 5 turns the winner has not achieved a higher level victory then the winner receives 3 Game Points for his Attrition Victory (assuming the conditions above apply - 5 points worth of enemy units eliminated), plus the Bonus Points he had earned at the instant his opponent resigned (points gained during the extended 5 turns are NOT awarded). The winner does not receive half of the resigning player's Bonus Points, but the loser (the player that resigned) DOES receive the left over half of his Bonus Points (rounded down). In this situation both player's Bonus Points are based on the Bonus Points earned at the instant the game was resigned.

Failing to obtain a "higher level of victory" may also include obtaining a regular Attrition Victory during the course of the 5 turn extension, (unless the winning player would not have been awarded even an Attrition Victory at the instant of resignation), or if the loser (the resigning player) actually wins the game. Note that under no circumstances can a player that resigned be declared the winner of the game, no matter what happens in the extended 5 turns. If the resigning player ends up winning during the extended 5 turns, the game is considered ended and is treated exactly the same as if the real winner (the player that did not resign) simply failed to obtain a higher level of victory.

                                      MY      OPP    CURRENT  NUM  TOTAL                WORLD
      |             | LOST    |      |       |      |        |    |      |             |       |
5/8/96| Tom Jackson | Strat   | 7-9  |  2    |  4   |   2    |  0 |   0  |      X      |   0   |
      |             | WON     |      |       |      |        |    |      |             |       |
5/9/96| George Meade| Attrit  | 10-9 |  4    |  3   |   7    |  1 |   9  |      X      |   9   |
      |             | WON     |      |       |      |        |    |      |             |       |
6/1/96| Hank Thomas | Major   | 9-9  |  3    |  3   |   8    |  2 |  17  |      X      |  34   |
      |             |         |      |       |      |        |    |      |             |       |
7/7/96| Bob Lee     | draw    | 10-10|  4    |  4   |   5    | 2.5|  22  |      X      |  55   |
      |             |         |      |       |      |        |    |      |             |       |
      |             |         |      |       |      |        |    |      |             |       |
      ~             ~         ~      ~       ~      ~        ~    ~      ~             ~       ~ 
      |             |         |      |       |      |        |    |      |             |       |
      |             |         |      |       |      |        |    |      |             |       |
      |             |         |      |       |      |        |    |      |             |       |

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