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1) Must each "I" fire and morale check be done separately or are all "I" fires against a BLP concluded and then all morale checks done ie allowing a greater number of hit modifiers to be accumulated?

Each "I" (Infantry) fire is resolved separately and completely before moving on to the next firing unit, therefore hit modifiers do not accumulate.

2) May long range hits in the Reserve be assigned to a Dummy thereby revealing and removing it or must it be assigned to an actual unit?

Yes, unless Gun Boats are targetting specific revealed Shore Batteries

3) Can Union forces move from Hard Times to Bruinsburg without undergoing interdiction fire from Grand Gulf?

No. Grand Gulf batteries are assumed to cover that whole river region.

4) One cavalry unit (Bussy) has no corps affiliation; may he be commanded by Grant's AoT HQ only?

Yes, or by Initiative Movement

5) Can units force march away from a battle? The rules are clear that a force march cannot enter an enemy occupied town, but are silent about leaving such a town.

No. The rules on road movement state that if enemy units enter an occupied town a battle will occur in the Battle Phase. This implies that defending units may not leave the town (other than by retreat once the battle begins).

6) May gunboats that transport / ferry units to an unoccupied eastbank port 'retreat' to a friendly port? The rules are clear that a GB may 'retreat' from an amphibious assault, and it seems logical to be allowed to do the same from what is essentially an unopposed amphibious assault.

Absolutely not. This is a key element of the game; managing your gunboats for transport of supplies. By the same logic, gun boats can not ferry supplies to a controlled port (friendly) and retreat back to their origin to get more supplies.

7) Do GBs attacking a port without land units aboard to conduct a landing keep CSA ground units in that port from being able to reinforce an adjacent battle?


8) If a CSA force attacks a USA force (including GBs) in a port creating a land battle, not an amphibious assault, may the GBs be set up in the reserve and fire H fire during the battle (as at Shiloh & Malvern Hill)?

Yes, although technically it is still considered N-Fire, it's just treated the same as H-Fire.

9) Can more then 1 unit move from the Reserve area on the battle board to the same space?
During a Battle Round Movement Segment, a player may move a maximum of 1 Infantry unit from his Reserve into each of his BLPs using Reserve Movement. A total of 3 units could be moved using Reserve Movement, each unit moving into a different BLP. Note that if the BLP was occupied by enemy units, such a move would have to be made using Assault move. There are no limits on the number of units that may attempt an Assault move (nor a Withdraw Move). Cavalry and HQ movement is not restricted in this manner for Reserve Movement.

10) Can Cavalry retreat or move into an un-supplied state?
YES - but so can any other type of unit. There are no supply restrictions on where you can retreat or move. You may isolate yourself. It would be silly, but you are allowed.

11) Can a unit in Reserve be targetted by fire or assault?
No, except when using Pursuit Fire.

12) If opponent takes one of your BLPs (Left or Right), could your center BLP take his BLP? I guess so and then you would each be giving 'Flank' fire to the other. However, the Flank Fire rule says from an enemy BLP into another enemy BLP but technically you would be firing from an enemy BLP into your own BLP.
You cannot move laterally nor diagonally on the Battle Board, therefore you could not move behind his position (in your Left or Right BLP).

13) Morale check for Assault Move; if the modified roll = 6, I assume you do not take a loss but instead you cannot Assault.
There are no disruption nor CV losses applied for failed Morale checks during an attempted Assault Move.

14) Do you have to designate all units that will attempt a force march before rolling for any, or can you wait to see the outcome of an attempt before designating other units for force marching?
You must designate which units are attempting the Forced March before you roll for the results.

15) When Units are making a Morale check for attempting an Assault Move, is the condition of "(P10 Morale Check Modifiers)...enemy melee CV strength is greater than twice the total friendly CV strength in the checking unit's BLP: +1" in effect?
No, the strength comparison between opposing units only applies to morale checks in the Melee Resolution segment, not for the morale checks made to enter into melee (because the units involved are not actually sharing the same BLP at that instant).

16) "Cavalry target receiving hit(s) from Inf OR HQ units get -1". Since hits from an HQ cause automatic Disruption and don't produce a Morale Check why is that mentioned?
Good Point. The rule is essentially superfluous.

17) When making an Assault move, do you have to declare all units which are to attempt an Assault move before moving any, or do you see what happens with one unit attempting an Assault move before declaring that you want to move additional units (This is important for an 'Encirclement' move because if the first unit 'passes' a Morale check, why would you move additional units, since if the other BLP 'Encirclement' move failed, only that one unit in the opponent's reserve would be disrupted (rather than additional units also).
Assault Moves do NOT have to be pre-declared.

18) The rules say that No unit can Fire and then Move in the same turn. Knowing that: Is Retreat considered Movement?
Retreat is not considered Battle Board Movement for these purposes. The restriction on firing and moving applies to the Fire and Movement Segments of a Battle Round.

19) I know they are only 'Practice' scenarios, but: Who moves first in the 'Champion Hill' and the 'Grand Gulf' Scenarios?

20) To confirm, are two dummy blocks that are Confederate reinforcements?
Yes, the butternut colored Dummies are reinforcements.

21) A. When going from Briarfield to Hard Times is there fire from the Grand Gulf SB?

B. When going from New Carthage to Briarfield is there fire from the Grand Gulf SB or the Warrenton SB?

C. When going from Warrenton to New Carthage is there fire from the Grand Gulf SB?

D. When going from Milliken's Bend to Johnson's Plantation is there fire from the Vicksburg SB or the Warrenton SB?
No. In all cases, interdiction fire is only available if the flotilla moves past the battery when tracing its movement along the river.

22) A. Assume Union units are in a port with Gunboats and Confederate units attack them- from the FAQ the Union GBs cannot defend, but what if the Union has to retreat-what happens to the GBs?
The Gun Boats can stick around for the duration of all Battle Rounds firing Naval fire against the Confederates, but when the battle is over, assuming there are still Confederate's in the town, the Gun Boats must retreat to a friendly port.

B. Assume Confederate units are in a port with SBs and Union units attack them BY LAND- from the FAQ the Confederate SBs cannot defend, but what if the Confederate has to retreat-what happens to the SBs? I assume the crews are absorbed by the Vicksburg Militia
if the Confederate's lose the battle and have to retreat the SBs are eliminated, but the crews may be able to escape to Vicksburg and augment the militia there.

23) Must GBs designate where fire is going before rolling for any?
only if the GB is targetting revealled SBs.

24) Can Units that retreat from one battle reinforce a different battle?
No, X.B.5.a 3rd paragraph says that retreating units may not retreat to a town occupied by opposing units.

25) The rules say that if the Confederate center BLP is unoccupied at any time after the first Battle Round it is a rout but:
Page 14 Amphib. Assault Battle Round:
...Shore Batteries are only considered routed if there are Union units (only) in the Confederate center BLP.
Does this mean that SBs can continue to fire until Union units are in the Confederate center BLP?

Yes, SBs can continue to fire until the Union occupies the Confederate center BLP.

26) Can commanded movement use units in adjacent ports ex: New Carthage/Briarfield? (My assumption: The rules say that only ONE of the port groups could do a River transport (Page 6-...All units being transported must start the Movement Phase in the same port town regardless of which...) and the other port's group could do a land move.)
No, a Commanded Movement used for River Movement may only be used to move units in one town via River Movement.

27) Can you for ex: River Transport Land units from Milliken's Bend to Warrenton (Amphib. attack) and then do another River Transport of Land units from New Carthage to Warrenton (Amphib. attack) and then both of those groups would make a 'combined' Amphib. attack.

28) Land units and GBs begin in Milliken's Bend: Using an Initiative Move, could they send Flotillas to another port and ALSO send units by swamp road to Richmond or New Carthage (if they could move 2 towns)?
Yes. And yes, units that can move 2 (Cavalry, HQs, etc) can move 2 along swamp roads.

29) When leaving a port, do GBs have to specify their destination before beginning the move or can they change the destination 'as they go'?
They do not have to announce their destination.

30) Page 7 and Page 14 of the Rules mentions that GBs carrying land troops get a -1 DRM when they fire. P7 Fire against Vicksburg also gets a -1 DRM. Are these two -1 DRMs cummlative (if they were cummlative, it would be impossible for a GB to get a hit since they are all N5)? In the example booklet for the first example, it does NOT mention the -1 that GBs carrying land troops incur (It DOES mention the -1 drm that fire against Vicksburg gets). In the example of an Amphibious Assault it DOES mention the -1 that GBs carrying land troops incur.
The modifiers are cumulative and yes, it is therefore impossible for the GBs escorting troops to effectively fire on Vicksburg. The orginal Examples of Play folder contained an error, which has been fixed in an updated version.

31) The example booklet mentions that a flotilla without a GB that gets a hit can either take the hit or retreat-I can't find that situation mentioned in the rulebook (See Page 6 next to last Paragraph).
see section VIII.E.3, fifth paragrapgh; "If a Gun Boat is totally eliminated..."

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