SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game

A Strategy Game of Military Maneuvers and Tactics

Mid-Nineteenth Century America,

Somewhere east of the Great River:

Two great armies face each other in yet another confrontation of life and death. Marching, fighting, bleeding and dying are routine business to the veteran soldiers on each side of the line; they all know what is about to occur - it has become their only existence.

As the battle rages, suddenly and inexplicably a gap opens at one end of the line. Advancing Infantrymen rush forward to exploit the error and turn the tide of battle in their favor. Perhaps this isolated event will lead to triumph in the current campaign; maybe even to the end of the war and victory for the country. However, these dutiful soldiers are not thinking about such grand and sweeping notions; their thoughts are only on their job of fighting and dying.

On the other side of the opening, the commander discovers the hole in his sector and immediately recognizes the danger. With only his military training and experience as his guide, he orders a lone brigade to attack the overwhelming force before them.

His thoughts are not about the war in general, nor the political ramifications of his actions; he only has time to think of the desperate situation in front of him and the military actions required. He must buy time at any cost; reinforcements are on the way - but can he hold the line until they get there?

What would you do? How would you react?

The scenario just described could be a recounting of the events as they occurred along the shores of the Tennessee River, or in the cornfields of northern Virginia, or among the hills of central Pennsylvania. In any case, the military principles and doctrine of the day demanded certain actions be taken.

What were those principles?
What did the military doctrine of mid-nineteenth century America demand?
What actions were required? and why?

Find out.

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SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game represents a major departure from conventional wargame design. There are no complicated rules to memorize; no plethora of numbers, tables and charts to study, analyze and confuse the players. Instead, players must concentrate their energies on implementing the sound military principles of maneuver and attack to defeat their opponent. Emphasis is placed on decision making ability and on the players' skill in properly coordinating the actions of their various units. There are no "tricks" to be learned in this game.

SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game contains no luck or chance element s; no dice, no spinners, no chance cards. All results are based purely on the individual player's decisions made throughout the course of the game. Players will win or lose based on their ability to outwit their opponent. You won't get lucky in this game; unless your opponent makes a mistake.......(first).

SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game is an abstract recreation of a classical Civil War engagement between the blue and the gray. The essential elements of mid-19th Century military doctrine have been faithfully reproduced and incorporated into a highly playable and realistic game system. A player's forces are made up of Infantry Brigades, Artillery Batteries and Cavalry Squadrons. Play proceeds in what can best be described as chess-like; players taking sequential turns performing a limited number of actions per turn. This process effectively portrays the simultaneity of conflict, without the usual complications of pre-recorded moves and orders. Individual battles are quickly resolved based on a player's force of will and audacity, but no one comes out unscathed. There is a tense ebb and flow to the game that must be experienced to be appreciated.

The Deer Valley Game Company would be happy to provide you a copy of
"SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game"
that includes the following:

  • 1 gameboard (12x13 inch, 6 color gameboard - not a flimsy mapsheet, but a wood mounted, laminated, attractive, gameBOARD)

  • 32 plastic figures (Imex - 25mm) representing Union and Confederate Infantry (9 blue, 9 gray), Artillery (3 blue, 3 gray), and Cavalry (4 blue, 4 gray) - some assembly required

  • Rules


only $24.95

Assembly of game pieces is required so as to protect them during shipment. Assembly instructions are included; the entire process is very simple and takes less than 30 minutes (excluding drying time for glue).

Contains small parts which are not suitable for children under the age of 5 years.

The Civil War Battle Game








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game design: G. Myers

editor: D. Cummings

test & development:
A. Large, F. Miller, E. Uber
special thanks:
Carol T., Maarten B.,
Mike R., Erich L.,
Bill L., John R.,
and Jeremy B.
(blind play test group leads)

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