The Game of Industrialization, Economics and Capitalism

The Game of Industrialization, Economics and Capitalism



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It is the golden age of the 19th Century industrial revolution. Business tycoons wheeling and dealing with their competitor to build their economic empires. Capitalism in its purest form. Fortunes are there to be made. But money is not the end all goal. Those that thrive must cement their legacy by donating their bounty to worthy philanthropic causes. This is Philanthropoly!

Now you can journey back to those days and become a captain of industry; the next Rockefeller, Morgan or Vanderbilt. Can you out negotiate, out wit, out maneuver your opponents to translate your resources into personal wealth and prestige? Can you create a corporate monopoly? Gobble up smaller companies to expand your financial dynasty? Find out.

Philanthropoly is a card and board game where the objective is to make money. Action cards are collected and traded to build factories, railroads, ports, or to put into production those elements you (or your opponents) have already established. The game board is comprised of 9 geomorphic regional boards that can be assembled in hundreds of different configurations. Geographical constraints defined by the game board configuration are key in building your business empire, as natural resources must be obtained and exploited. Stocks are bought and sold for the various companies that can be formed by the collection of factories.

Philanthropoly is an intriguing game that will test your negotiating skills, your money management skills, and your ability to predict and react to all of the economic forces that affect your bottom line. Philanthropy has simple mechanics of play, but is difficult to master. Enjoy!



Philanthropoly is available as a free download, print-n-play game.

Simply download the zip file, print out the various components and have fun.

Recommend printing the action cards on 8.5x11" label paper and then affixing them to card stock paper (or posterboard). As an added touch, we recommend the action cards be laminated. Self adhering lamination sheets are available at your favorite office supply store. Region boards and the stock market track should also be printed on label paper and affixed to foam boards. Stock certificates can be printed directly on card stock and used as is. Game markers should be printed on label paper and affixed to posterboard. Or, make your own game pieces from whatever you desire; wood blocks, plastics, etc. The play money can be printed on regular paper, or borrow some play money from some other game at the bottom of your game closet.

All files are in PDF format, and should be printed as "Actual Size" (not "fit to page").





Zip file contains the following:

       rules (8 pages)

9 region board sheets

10 action cards sheets

2 stock market sheets

2 game markers sheets

1 payout chart

1 sheet play money (print 15 copies)

1 sheet of stock certificates (print 5 copies)

If you prefer, you can order a printed version from Deer Valley Game Company. This will include only print-out that you must assemble into a playable game.

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