The Game of Airline Expansion and Acquisition in the Golden Age of Aviation


The Game of Airline Expansion and Acquisition in the Golden Age of Aviation


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Early 20th Century America

It is the golden age of American aviation. You are an airline executive, entrepeneur, investor and capitalist. The next Howard Hughes. You invest your money in the various airlines portrayed in the game and attempt to expand those airlines to generate increased revenues. Air-Kwire is a game of business strategy; when to buy, when to sell, when and where to expand your empire. Mergers and acquisitions are an integral part of your business objectives. Or they can be used against you, depending on your foresight and how cut throat your opponents may be. Or how cut throat YOU may be. It's all here.

Air-Kwire is a 3 to 6 player game where the objective is to be the weathiest player at the end of the game. You accumlate wealth by increasing the size of the airlines for which you are a stock holder. The more cities serviced by an airline, the more valuable it becomes and the more revenue it generates. Of course some cities are more valuable than others. Some are completely worthless. Except for the airport located there, and the expanded routes having that airport may provide. It's up to you to decide. Geogrphical considerations are a major element in Air-Kwire.

Play is turned based with each player buying or selling stocks and creating new routes for his airlines during his turn. Dividends are paid after every 7 new routes are created. Empires shift throughout the game as players compete to build the best stock portfolio and expand their airline networks. Of course not all moves may necessarily be in the best interest of an airline's growth; depending on the different players' strategies. Sometimes what appears to be a bad move, my end up paying off big in the end.



Air-Kwire is available as a free download, print-n-play game.

Simply download the zip file, print out the various components and have fun.

Recommend printing the game card fronts on 8.5x11" label paper and then affixing them to card stock paper (or poster board).

All files are in PDF format, and should be printed as "Actual Size" (not "fit to page").





Zip file contains the following:

      East & West Game Boards

(plus a combined board for those with large print capabilities)

Stock Market Track

1 rules sheet (3 pages)

7 sheets of City Cards

2 sheets of airplane markers

1 sheet of miscellaneous markers

1 sheet of play money (make multiple copies)

7 sheets of stock certificates

1 sheet of player shields

2 sheets of company boxes/cards

1 Dividend Chart

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